ZBT's Get On The Ball

Get on the Ball is ZBT's annual Philanthropy Event benefiting Children Miracle Network Hospitlas. In normal non-covid years ZBT brothers roll a gaint beach ball throughout Pitt's campus and ask for donations towards Children Miracle Network and then the donor can write whatever they want on the ball in sharpie. Because of COVID-19, we're doing this virtually! Instead of rolling the ball on campus we will be posting pictures of the ball on our instagram and making tiktoks with it. And instead of writing messages on the ball we be using this page as a wall for all your messages all you need to do is donate a dollor or more to our donor drive, and as long as your message follows some rules, it will show up on the website by the end of the day.



What Others Have Written

See what others have written on the ball, and you write yours!

Ball is Life
Congrats on the Double Dip, Blake
For The Kidz
for the kids!
Sending love from TPA